Of Florence and pink flamingos

Today I had the pleasure of meeting up with a cousin who had recently traveled to Florence, Italy, and, inspired by what she saw there, had begun to experiment with some silk screen and an additional overlay of paint on fabric from old clothes.

I consider the result a definite upcycle triumph and asked if I could have a piece to use as part of an “as yet to be determined” crochet project.

Here is one side of the fabric:

a print fabric inspired by flamingos
One side of the fabric inspired by flamingos

and here is the other:

The other side of a print fabric inspired by flamingos
The other side of the fabric inspired by flamingos

My own efforts this weekend tended more toward Red Heart Super Saver buff:

crochetbug, crochet prayer shawl, prayer shawl, crochet comfort shawl
The shawl, completed and ready to be festooned with cookies

and Caron Simply Soft bone:

crochetbug, crochet chemo cap, crochet cap, crochet hat
The chemo cap ready to be decorated with crochet cookies

Now both the shawl and chemo cap are ready to be decorated, but I would like to block both pieces before moving forward with appliquéing of the cookies.

Additionally, there are still cookies to be crocheted. I have yet to make the M & M, the chocolate chip, or the Lemonades™ inspired cookies I will need, and there are three frosted sugar cookies with sprinkles in need of their crocheted frosting.

My hope is that I will have a chance to sit next to this pink flamingo that graces the front porch of another cousin’s house and spend a few hours crocheting the cookies I will need to finish this project.

One of the flamingos at my cousin Lois's house
The pink flamingo in the rain

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