Of popcorns and pinwheels

I recently came across this video of Frances Johnson of Greensboro, North Carolina, talking about her work on a crocheted bedspread which is a delightful creation consisting of popcorns and pinwheels.

The project, from start to finish, spanned 67 years. Inspired by Ms. Johnson’s diligence over the nearly seven decades it took to complete her project, I was determined to finish my week by working toward finishing some of the unfinished business that populates my crochet empire.

The first piece of unfinished business I tackled was a light periwinkle stash bag I started this past Wednesday. Finishing this project would have, I reasoned, the added benefit of being able to be put to immediate use in organizing my stash.

When I got up this morning, the stash bag-to-be looked like this:

A blue crochet yarn stash bag
What stash bag 10 looked like at the start of the day

By early afternoon, it had been transformed into a finished bag, complete with stash:

A blue crochet stash bag filled with yarn
Stash bag 10 complete with yarn stash

Feeling good that I had finished something, I got out an assortment of projects in medias res and set to work on them.

With my Clover chibi and a small pair of sharps scissors for trimming ends at my side, Square 1 from Jean Leinhauser’s 101 Crochet Squares (and a part of the crochet-a-long of which I am a member) was transformed from this:

Bright green crochet square and a crochet flower to be appliqued
An almost completed Square 1 from 101 Crochet Squares

to this:

Crochet granny square with a pansy appliqué
Square 1 from 101 Crochet Squares with all the ends woven in and trimmed

Tapping into what remained of my square finishing mojo, I then tackled Square 3 from the same crochet-a-long, and in short order, these two pieces:

Pink ruffled crochet granny square with an orange crochet heart to be appliquéd
Square 3 before I got out my Clover chibi

were rendered into this:

Pink crochet square with an orange heart and white ruffles
Square 3 from 101 Crochet Squares with after my Clover bent-tipped needle works its magic

The last thing I tackled today were the flower motif squares for my future groovyghan. Seen here arranged in a circular fashion:

Seven bright color crochet squares arranged in a circle
The seven flower motifs for my groovyghan before being joined into a strip

After just 45 minutes of effort, they were joined into the strip seen here:

Bright color granny squares with a flower center
The flower motifs for my groovyghan, all in a row

The crochet ethic Frances Johnson displayed in brining these popcorns and pinwheels to completion is admirable and will, no doubt, serve to inspire me for many crochet projects to come.

8 thoughts on “Of popcorns and pinwheels

  1. I just wonder what you’ll do of your stash bags when you’ll have no more yarn.

    NB: I absolutely love your funny coloured world.

    1. I guess I could take them to a yarn store and buy more yarn. 🙂

      And re: my funny coloured world; thank you!

  2. Sixty-seven years, wow! I don’t have that kind of patience.

    Do you plan to assemble all the CAL squares into a blanket? It would make some eye candy seeing a blanket with no two squares the same.

    Your groovyghan is coming along nicely. When I made one, I noticed the dot squares came out a bit smaller than the flower and granny squares. Did you experience that, too? I can’t wait to see your completed blanket.

    I love all the gadgets that go along with a craft. Clover Chibis are absolutely fabulous! I never knew how much easier it is to hide ends with a bent tipped needle. This past weekend I had to the opportunity to use a Tulip Etimo hook and didn’t want to give it back! As soon as I got home, I searched the internet far and wide until I found a set from a shop in the UK. They will be my Number One set of hooks for all my crochet work from now on.

    Sorry for writing a novel!:)

  3. Stephanie, I’m delighted you spoke up. I go on about Clover needles, so it is reassuring to know that someone agrees. It makes a world of difference.

  4. It worked, ” Frankie ”
    This is the first time that you have ” clued ” me in on your beautiful projects.
    I wasn’t aware that my good neighbor was so talented.
    I just sit with the pups and wait for the “Hummers ” to return-ha
    You can bring your crocheting and come watch with me this summer.
    My grandmother and even my mom use to crochet all of the time and left me with bed spreads, tableclothes,dress,all sotr tof things. Every thing but the ability-ha. Keep up the good work .

  5. I’m back. Sorry about the type’o. ( all sort of ).
    Saying ” it worked ” was because you told me how to find this.
    By outting it in “facorites ” I might be able to find it again-ha.
    Hugs. Now we can look for the Lenten roses to bloom.

  6. your comment…
    I better go on to bed-ha
    Should be
    ” by putting it in favorites”
    Hugs again ( 3 times is out-ha)

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