Of sunflowers and tetrominos

Almost every time I start a project, I imagine that I have all the time in the world, then, at some point, reality sets in, and I come to the shocking realization that I don’t have as much time left as I thought I did, and I find it necessary to keep a laser like focus on the crochet goal. And that is exactly what has happened with the sunflowers and tetrominos.

First, the case with the sawtooth sunflower throw.

When I began work on it, I did not actually look at a calender, so I did not realize how few days there were between the time I began the project (March 28) and the time I should get the project in the mail (March 5 would be ideal, March 6 is the latest that I can send it an reasonably expect it to arrive in time), so today I started my crochet day making sunflower squares.

Eventually, I amassed enough finished squares that I was able to complete one of the nine-square diagonal rows and join one side of it to a seven-square diagonal row, and when I had that row done, I still had time to get a start on the second nine-square diagonal row I will need for this project.

Here is how it looked as the sunset arrived:

sunflower crochet blanket
Sawtooth sunflowers as of sunset, April 2, 2013

Satisfied with the progress on the sunflowers, I turned my attention to making a red “Z” tetromino:

red crochet tetromino
Red Z crochet tetromino

and a blue “J” tetromino for the Tetrisghan to be:

blue crochet tetromino
Blue J crochet tetromino

Then I got out the crochet tetriminos from yesterday and tried various arrangements.

Here is one:

Arrangement 1 of 7 made with crochet and tetrominos
Arrangement 1 of 7 made with crochet and tetrominos

here is another:

crochet tetromino arrangement
Arrangement 2 of the first 7 crochet tetrominos

and here is still another:

crochet tetromino arrangement
Arrangement 3 of the first 7 crochet tetrominos

Tomorrow when the sunrises on my Wednesday, I will once again do all that I can to finish as many sunflowers as is possible, and maybe, just maybe, there will also be time for another tetrimino (or two).