One way or another

Working as I am, with no definite plan other than I am going to a crochet a large blanket for the North Carolina State Fair based on my paternal grandmother’s life, I am finding that it is very easy to get distracted by all of the possibilities, and today was one such day, but I was determined to make progress one way or another.

After setting aside yet another new idea for an element of the project for another day, I finally settled in to work on what will be the four motifs inspired by embroidery my grandmother had worked on a tablecloth for a card table.

I was determined to figure out how I would square off the circular motifs that I had crocheted, but instead of having a plan and working through it, it seemed that I was channelling my inner Goldilocks.

I started my first effort working through the back loop and the loop just behind the back loop of the last round of the motif which I had slip stitched, and while it looked pretty good, I wasn’t entirely satisfied:

crochet circle crochet square
Working through the back loop and the loop just behind it

but rather than finish it to make sure, I set it aside, crocheted another motif (since I will need four anyway), and crocheted 24 chain-2 loops joined with a slip stitch all the way around the back, and then tried squaring that off:

crochet circle crochet square
Working through chain-2 loops slip stitched around the post

As I worked my way around that effort, I started to like my first attempt better, but I was in so deep at that point, my plan was to finish them both, compare them, and make a decision about which one I liked better.

Then I would make dinner.

And I would have gotten all of that done, but I soon learned that a storm was moving in quickly, so I packed everything up, brought it inside, and quickly set out to walk my dog before the deluge began.

So when the sun rises on tomorrow, and breakfast is eaten and the dog is once again walked, I will pull out my hooks and resume my work on the motifs, and if all goes well, maybe, just maybe I will get them done and be able to move onto whatever is next.