Onto the border

Today’s weather was, in a word, gloomy.

The sunshine of the previous days gone, it seemed as if I had been plucked right out of the ardent spring I inhabited as recently as yesterday and was then plunked down on a stormy moor straight out of Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights.

While my son and I made it to his trumpet lesson without incident, in the 45 minutes that transpired from the time the lesson began until it ended, the skies opened up and rain poured down.

My son and I are not the sort to let a little bad weather get in the way of our joy, so we stopped for milkshakes on the way home and then settled in for a dark and stormy afternoon.

The afternoon did not disappoint. There was heavy rain, thunder, and lightning — all the necessary components to the start of a memorable holiday weekend.

With so much gloom and gray around me, I got out the groovyghan in an effort to ameliorate the weather.

With my 4.5 mm hook in hand and my stash of Red Heart Super Saver at my side, I joined the striped strip to the dot motif strip.

Soon after, I joined those two strips to the other already joined strips. By six o’clock, the groovyghan had worked sufficient magic to clear the skies enough that I could get this picture:

multicolor crochet blanket assembled
The five panels of the crochet groovyghan assembled

I don’t really believe that the groovyghan has the power to change the weather, but it does have the power to change my perception of the circumstances in which I find myself. Instead of seeing a cold and stormy day that was going to spoil my weekend, I saw a day perfect for finishing long seams and getting my weekend off to a good start.

The groovyghan is, in its way, not unlike an invisibility cloak, but instead of deflecting microwave beams as an invisibility cloak would, the groovyghan, instead, imparts joy to the user to assist in the endeavor of (as my mother puts it) “having a good day, no matter what.”

And for anyone interested in learning more about invisibility cloaks, here is this video:

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  1. this was a real knowledge fest – thanx for the amusing and informative read… groovyghan is really turning into something that does provide mood elevators….
    Enjoy the holi-day weekend ~

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