Oscars 2013

I will know I have arrived when I am asked to design and crochet an inimitable, one-of-a-kind Oscar night frock for a Hollywood mega mogul to be worn on the red carpet for the evening’s festivities, but 2013 is not my break out year at the Academy Awards.

Instead of flying to Los Angeles to oversee any last minute alterations/fittings for this glamor event, I spent my weekend getting some necessary shopping done and working (when I could) on the “If pigs (and dogs and birds and bears and frogs and lions and turtles) could fly” project.

I had hoped to make more progress than I did, having gotten off to an excellent start on Friday, but by sunset today, I had finished all 16 of the colorful clusters, and had made substantial progress on 9 of the ten animal hexagons:

crochet animal and crochet flower hexagons
Rows 11-13 sans one crochet frog hexagon

but still had many ends to weave in and many hexagons still to join.

I also misplaced one of the frogs. I am hoping that when the sun rises tomorrow, I will be of sufficiently clear mind to be able to find it where ever it has gone to.

When the sun rises on tomorrow, there will be just four crochet days left to the month of February, the second of two months I committed to finishing UFOs. Over the weekend (when I was not crocheting) I succumbed to the temptation to begin working out the details of a project I hope to finish in March:

planning a crochet project
A crochet project for March

I never quite know how my crochet and my life adventures will play out, but tomorrow I will be doing what I can to put this hexagon project to bed by Thursday so that when the sun rises on March, I am ready to forge ahead with new crochet adventures.

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