Poncho weather

Today was clear and crisp — a day made for ponchos — so after breakfast was eaten and the dog was walked, I resumed work on the cookie poncho, a project destined for the grandchild of a friend I have known since at least high school.

While this project revealed itself to me in its totality, completing it has been a challenge as my vast yarn stores are still in a state of disarray due to a confluence of events and obligations.

It has only been in the last week that I have been able to focus more time on bringing order to my empire, and yesterday, after having tracked down the Red Heart Super Saver claret that had eluded me, I was able to crochet the two remaining jam-centered cookies I needed for the project.

Unfortunately, I did not find the Red Heart Super Saver coffee fleck I had been searching for, but I did come across a cookie’s worth of the elusive yarn. This allowed me to crochet a second dark chocolate cookie, which in turn allowed me to finish work on the first of two panels that will comprise the foundation of the poncho. Here is the completed panel:

crochet cookie poncho
One panel of the crochet cookie poncho

and here is that same panel with 13 of the sixteen cookies that will comprise the second panel:

crochet poncho crochet cookies
One panel of the crochet poncho with most of the remaining cookies needed to complete the project

The is still some work to be done: yarn to be found, cookies to be crocheted, pieces to be joined, and ends to be woven in, but it looks as if I will soon have this off in the mail, and it is my hope that the little girl for whom it is destined is able to learn the joy that a poncho can bring.

4 thoughts on “Poncho weather

  1. You know Leslie, you’re the type of person that does just crochet things, you do works of art and that is so cool to watch from afar. Thanks for allowing me to do that. Betty

  2. Betty is right. And the story that goes with the cookie poncho, cookie ghan and the priceless cookie chemo cap will make the lucky little girl grateful to be a part of it all.

  3. Betty and Connie are both right. Reading this column is like watching an art-in-action demonstration. I love it! And the best part – it is art that doesn’t just get hung up some where; somebody, somewhere is wearing it or using it.

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