Putting the crazy in crazy quilt

The past two days have been exceptionally busy, but when life was not interfering with crochet, I got out this beauty of a tome:

Encyclopedia of Stitchery
The Complete Encyclopedia of Stitchery

and poured over the 210 pages of essential embroidery stitches, and then, with varying degrees of success, tried them out on the crazy quilt pieces I have crocheted.

Using two plies of a strand of Red Heart Super Saver cornmeal and combining some simple embroidery stitches, I added what I think is a lot of pizazz to an already interesting multicolor crochet fan:

crochet fan with embroidery
A not quite completely tricked out crazy quilt crochet fan

and while the piece does not yet feel “done” to me, I had made enough progress that I got out some Red Heart Super Saver shocking pink, split a strand of it as I had the cornmeal, and tried my hand at an embroidered bullion stitch:

bullion stitch on crochet
My first shocking pink bullion flower embellishment

I was so pleased with the way that turned out that I dug through my bag of crochet crazy quilt pieces, found this Red Heart Classic medium brown shape, and used some Red Heart With Love boysenberry to try my hand at a bullion rose, and the result was not half bad:

embroidered bullion rose
A boysenberry bullion rose on a medium brown crochet crazy quilt piece

Then, to get a better sense of whether I was on the right track of needed to change course, I got this photo of all of the pieces with at least one element of surface decoration, arranged them, and took this photo:

embroidery on crochet crazy quilt pieces
An overview of the pieces in varying degrees of decoration

While I knew the embroidery was an essential decorative element to this panel of the project, I did not know that it would be so much fun to do.

I have not yet developed all of the skills I will need to finish this project, but I am continuing to move forward, one stitch at a time.

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  1. Love your progress! Embroidery was my first entry into the needle(s), hook, yarn and thread arts, and I still love it! Glad you are having fun with it!

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