Ready or not, Christmas is coming

When I wake up tomorrow, I will be down to my last three crafting days before the 25th. I am having to make decisions about what projects must be set aside for a later time and which ones I can reasonably expect to finish.

While I am concentrating most of my efforts on gift items, there is one decorative project that has captured my imagination and will not let go.

This particular crafting saga began a couple of weeks ago when I noticed that one of my ravelry friends was crocheting adorable trees.

After leaving a comment on the general wonderfulness of her crocheted trees, I took a closer look at my friend’s project page and learned that the designer of the pattern I found so enchanting is Michelle Kludas of The Royal Sisters, a blog that seeks to spread, among other things, the goodness of all things granny.

Just a couple of clicks later, I found myself at this Grandma Tree tutorial.

At the time, I had other projects that were taking priority, but Friday, while my son was at the final rehearsal right before his Christmas concert, and I was at a nearby coffee shop fortifying myself with a cappuccino, I pulled out my traveling stash of Red Heart Super Saver yarn, and a 4.5mm Clover crochet hook, and got to work.

I was so enchanted by the trees, I wanted to make an entire forest of them.

This is how far I have gotten:

crochet triangle, crochet Christmas tree, crochetbug, variegated yarn, vintage yarn
The beginnings of a variegated forest of crochet granny triangle trees

I am hoping that the next three days bring me at least a moment or two that will permit me to make a few more trees.