The return of scrap cat

Yesterday I was treated to absolutely gorgeous weather.

The skies were clear, the humidity was (relatively speaking) low, and like last week, there was a large pile of laundry with a claim to my time and attention.

Three loads later, I had an uninterrupted expanse of time to fill that I decided could best be used to remediate the metadata underlying the photos on my old blog posts, so when the day was over, I really didn’t have anything to show for myself except a lot of clean socks and t-shirts.

But today, after I had gotten done with the non-crochet things that needed doing, I went out on my back deck to enjoy some of the still gorgeous (but somewhat more humid) weather with my current front burner project, Scrap Cat II.

Using Janette Williams’ Caity Cat free crochet pattern, a 4.0 mm hook, and my seemingly endless supply of scrap yarn, I resumed my efforts to crochet a pounce of cats.

It was, to be charitable, slow going, but after frogging back a ways to get my count right, I got back to where I was:

scrap yarn crochet cat
An overview of my second crochet scrap cat

and with a removable stitch marker beside me, I was ready to move forward.

In an effort to reduce my frogging, I kept a careful count and worked in day light so that the somewhat messy and sometimes hard-to-see stitches, were more clearly visible, and eventually, my progress was easier to see, and I got to the face, and almost, but not quite, finished crocheting it:

scrap yarn crochet cat
Scrap Cat II

With just seven more rounds and two ears to crochet, a face to complete, and seam to be seamed, I am nearing completing of my second cat.

Something about these messy little cats both engages and soothes me.

To see the personality of these crochet creatures revealed with each stitch, causes me to marvel at the wonder of my craft, and while I have no idea how many crochet cats comprise a pounce, when I finish this one, I will be ready to crochet the next.

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  1. With our new rescue dog Lulu loving my lap most of the time my crocheting is kind of on the back burner and with two grandkids and two granddogs coming for sleepover the same is true of tonight! Love the 2nd cat!!!?

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