Scrap Cat 2 gets a cattoo

Today, somewhere in the early afternoon, I attached the final piece of my most recent scrap cat project — the second ear — and Scrap Cat 2 was done.

But before I had seamed the one and only seam and attached the tail and ears, I had taken a moment to come up with a treatment for the extensive bare spot that had occurred as a result of long scraps of yarn pooling in one place on the back of my second scrap cat.

My initial thought had been to fill in the bare spot with some of the many bits of yarn that I have within arm’s reach, but on reflection, I decided that rather than choosing a course of action to mask the bare spot, I would, instead, try to come up with solution that made good use of it, and with that, the idea of the “cattoo” — or cat tattoo — was born.

Because I had already finished crocheting the rest of the cat, and because a “cattoo” on an amigurumi cat is worked from below rather than from above as a tattoo would be, I didn’t have a whole lot of room to maneuver, but after some awkward moments, I was able to finally finish Scrap Cat 2’s cattoo:

cattoo, cat tattoo, crochet cat, crochetbug
Scrap cat’s cattoo

and while had my camera out, I got this close up:

cattoo, cat tattoo, crochetbug
Detail of Scrap Cat’s cattoo

Satisfied that I had sufficiently documented the cattoo, I then turned the cat around and took more photos, including this one of Scrap Cat 2 on its own:

scrap yarn crochet cat
Scrap cat 2

and this of newly completed Scrap Cat 2 with the original scrap cat as a companion:

scrap yarn crochet cats, crochetbug
A duo of scrap cats

But two cats do not a pounce make, so I got out my Red Heart Super Saver bright yellow yarn, and got to work on a third:

scrap yarn crochet cat base, crochetbug
Base of the third scrap cat

I will probably stop crocheting scrap cats before I run out of scrap yarn, but in the meantime, I will enjoy bringing each one to life and learning whatever lessons they have to teach me.

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  1. Loving the cattoo! His face is perfect for the addition with his little smirk.

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