Serendipitious crochet

Last July I had the opportunity to visit Savannah, Georgia, for the first time.

The city is a visual feast and it is impossible to walk even half a block without encountering some bit of history, and it was as I was walking from the Duellist’s Grave in the Colonial Park Cemetery to the Mercer-Williams House Museum in Monterey Square, that I spied this doily:

window with crochet doily
Serendipitous crochet doily in the window of a building somewhere in Savannah, Georgia

For those unfamiliar with the story, the Mercer-Williams House is where the events described in John Berendt’s true crime tour de force, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, take place.

As it happened, the air conditioning of the Mercer-Williams House tour was a wonderful way to escape the already very warm and sticky mid-July Savannah morning, but I was unable to resist the siren call of the doily that had delighted me, and so later in the day, after the sun had finally begun it’s descent, I returned to the window where Abercorn Street meets East Gordon Street, and got this second photo:

window with crochet doily
The same window later in the day in shadow

I came to think of that moment when I first stumbled on the doily as “serendipitous crochet,” an unplanned moment where you find a piece of crochet you did not know you were looking for.

Such was the case yesterday.

After my son emerged from his trumpet repair adventure at Marsh Woodwinds he and I began the drive to his trumpet lesson.

As Person Street (where Marsh Woodwinds is located) is a one-way street, we needed to back track to get our destination; the most direct route involved making a left turn onto East Franklin Street, and as I completed my turn, something caught my eye, and I was compelled to make a u-turn and go back to investigate what I had seen:

crochet yarn bombing
Oak City Cycling project yarn bombing

Just to the right of the readily visible sign that reads: Oak City Cycling Project, was a concrete post covered with a crochet cozy made of almost all of my favorite Red Heart Super Saver colors.

Here is a more detailed photo of the cozy in sunshine:

crochet yarn bombing
The crochet cement post cozy in sunshine

and here is another view in shadow:

crochet yarn bombing
The crochet cozy for a concrete post in shadow

With the crochet cozy for a concrete post documented, I made another u-turn, and my son and I resumed our journey to the trumpet lesson.

These moments of Serendipitous Crochet add a lot to my day when I come across them, and the good will and joy they engender stay with me long after the initial encounter, and it is that sense of discovery and wonder that I try to bring to every piece I make.

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