Seven days and counting redux

I awoke to a chill in the air and just six-and-one-half days to finish this year’s state fair project, and the sense that I had done this before, and in fact, I had. Just last year, I found myself seven days out and counting: redux!

While I crocheted joins and wove in ends, my mind drifted to thoughts of state year’s past, and after I had finished joining the last seven cookie motifs into a strip:

The last seven crochet cookie motifs counting redux
The last seven crochet cookie motifs counting redux

and gotten this photo that is an overview of all of the 49 motifs needed, including the two most recently completed seven-motif strips that need to be joined:

the crochet cookie afghan with the seventh row of crochet cookie motifs joined
An overview of all 49 crochet cookie motifs

I wondered how this year compared to where I was last year’s entry, and when I checked back to what was going on six days before the entry deadline last year, I saw that I was in a place not unlike where I find myself today:

A crochet afghan made from textured crochet squares, textured crochet rectangles, and textured crochet triangles
This time last year

As is true of this year, I am working to join all of the pieces, and I have many ends to weave in before I sleep.

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