Seven days and counting until the Day of the Dead 2019

Seven days and counting, aka “a week.” That’s how long I have left to finish work on my third Day of the Dead crochet yarn bomb and finish making the decorations I want to use to trick them all out.

My first order of crochet business was to finish one of the left-most crochet panels for the third yarn bomb. It had all three colors of yarn, and there was at least two ends to be tied together on every row, so it was what I think of as “moderately intensive.”

I did make one error that required the frogging of two rows which I then had to rework, but in the larger scheme of things that really isn’t too bad:

A left-most crochet panel for a Day of the Dead crochet yarn bomb
A left-most crochet panel for a Day of the Dead crochet yarn bomb

With that square done, I moved onto two center panels that were not quite as attention intensive as the panel I had just finished, but which would give me a feeling of great satisfaction to finish.

I started by working the first seven rows of the two squares that mirror each other as that is where all of the changes were:

Then I worked on finishing one of the squares which was essentially seventeen rows of double crochet with no interruptions or color changes. After an hour on the equivalent of crochet automatic pilot, one of the squares was done:

Then, in an effort to reflect on my progress as I have just seven days and counting to finish what remains, I laid out all of the squares, both completed and in medias res, that are destined for the third Day of the Dead yarn bomb.

Six completed crochet panels for a Day of the Dead yarn bomb with one seven days and counting left to finish it
Six (of sixteen) crochet panels needed for a Day of the Dead crochet yarn bomb

There are still ten squares to be crocheted, and then there are the fifteen seams to be seamed, but for now I will look toward the next square and work my way through it, one stitch at a time.