So close!

I spent most of the weekend working on my 2013 North Carolina State Fair project.

In addition to needing to finish work on joining the thirty-six filler circles, I also had to crochet a border.

After some indecision which then necessitated some frogging, I finally settled on two rounds of single crochet with what I hope the judges will agree are well placed increases and decreases:

detail of the crochet cookie blanket I am so close to finishing
Detail of the border of Cookieghan 2.0 that I am so close to finishing

With the border done, I resumed work weaving in and trimming the ends, and this is how far I got with it before deciding I had enough done that I could call it a night:

here I'm so close to finishing my 2013 crochet cookie crochet blanket
The nearly completed Cookieghan 2.0

One of the biggest challenges I faced this weekend was the rain.

I had wanted to be able to work outside while I put the finishing touches on my project because it gives me an opportunity to work in excellent light and it is safely outside the pet hair zone that is my living room.

In fact, here is a picture of Stripes as she monitored my movements in the hope that I would abandon the cookieghan long enough for her to be able to shed all over it:

Stripes waiting with baited breath as I get so close to finishing the project
Stripes waiting with baited breath as I get so close to finishing the crochet project

When I get up tomorrow, I will get my son ready for school, and when I return from the bus stop, I will fix a pot of coffee and resume work on my state fair project, weaving in the two dozen or so ends that remain.

When I get the last end woven in, I will work to get off as much of the pet hair as possible, photograph the project in what I hope will be better light, and then head out to the state fairgrounds.

Afterward, I will get a cup of celebratory coffee, post and updated photo here at my blog, and then start planning for next year.


9 thoughts on “So close!

  1. Whow !
    Looks fabulose
    Let’s hope the judges think so also and there is a first prize coming your way, fingers crossed.
    Good Luck, not that you need it.

  2. YOU ARE ALMOST DONE!!!!!! As usual, it looks FANTASTIC!!! I can’t believe your stamina and determination. I have been working on a hexagon afghan for a year. I love it, but I OBVIOUSLY don’t manage my time very well. I daycare 7 children, but 4 are now in all day school. I have started making a big dent, but you would have done in 3 days what I have done in a year. Good luck tomorrow. Let us know when the project has been delivered.

  3. Your cookieghan looks great! I kept checking my blogger to see if you’d posted an updated, and I was rewarded today. Good luck 🙂

  4. You’re one heck of a hooker! I’m so proud of you and how beautiful it looks too with all of those extra circles you put in to fill in the holes. WOW!!! Keep going the end is closer than you’ll ever imagine!!!!!!!!!!!! Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  5. Another amazing accomplishment as well as being exceptionally beautiful and fun. Enjoy your celebratory coffee tomorrow as much as we enjoy your afghan.

  6. Shock and Awe!!!!!! I love the center circles and the edging. You have done an excellent job. I admire your stamina!

  7. Here’s an idea to deal with the cat hair. Put the cookie-ghan in the dryer with no heat, just a fabric softener sheet. Hopefully the hair will collect in the lint filter 🙂 The ‘ghan is looking great! It’s gotta win “best of show”!

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