Somewhat instant gratification

When my crochet mojo seems to have deserted me, or at least is difficult to access, I try to find a project that revives my mojo and gets me on the right track.

Enter Tracy St. John’s groovyghan.

I began this project on March 4, 2011. It had been somewhere on my to-do list when I learned that a friend from high school was already working on one. Overcome with crochet envy, it was suddenly my number one crochet concern. I selected seven colors, got out my 4.5mm hook and set to work.

While I completed the Dot and Flower motifs in fairly short order, the project had been languishing in a crochet cubby in my crochet empire/guestroom, and of late, I had done no work on it.

So today, as part of my Mother’s Day festivities, I once again turned my attention to the groovyghan and began work on the “Stripe Strip” that runs the length between the Dot motif strip, and the Flower motif strip.

The groovyghan “Stripe Strip” has a somewhat unusual method to work the ends of the rows so with hook in hand and directions at my side, I made a chain of 32 and worked the first double crochet in the third chain from the hook. From there, I continued working one double crochet into each chain. By the end of the row, I had 30 double crochet stitches.

At that point, I turned the work, chained 2 (which did not count as the first dc), and proceeded to work one double crochet stitch in each double crochet stitch of the previous row. I decided to change color every two rows, so 34 rows (or seventeen stripes) later, I took this photo:

double crochet stripe strip
The first 17 crochet stripes of the stripe strip for my groovyghan

I then laid the partially completed Stripe strip between the Dot motif strip and the Flower motif strip to get a sense of how all three pieces would look. Here is one view of the result:

crochet pieces of a crochet blanket
The groovyghan with all of the crochet pieces laid out

and here is another:

crochet pieces of a crochet blanket
Detail of the crochet groovyghan as it begins to take shape

As Mother’s Day 2011 draws to a close, I am delighted with the progress I made on the groovyghan, and I am beginning to think I will be able to get this done project before May comes to an end.

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