Spring break 2012

Usually at this time on a Sunday night, I find myself wondering where the weekend went; tonight, I find myself wondering where the week went.

Spring break 2012 has drawn to a close, and come 5:45 tomorrow morning, I will be up helping my youngest son to get organized for his return to school — neither of us is psychologically ready for the shift, so we have made sure to get the mechanics of his return in order.

The breakfast and lunch menus are decided, alarm clocks are set, book bag and band folio have both been located and are in the kitchen ready for morning. We have done the things that we needed to do to prepare, and now it is all done except the waiting.

While I spent much of the week feeling as though I were trapped in amber, today I seemed to break free of the lethargy that had enveloped me, and I made measurable progress on the reprise of the Better Homes and Gardens Granny Square Sampler Afghan that I am making to be given as a wedding gift.

Having finished the second row of a center panel comprised of four rows, I decided to start work on the first row and worked Square F-1, the first four rounds of which can be seen here with the panel to which it was waiting to be joined:

multicolor crochet squares
Square F-1 just before I crochet the joining round

and here it is, after joining:

multicolor crochet squares
Square F-1 joined to the center panel of the future crochet beach blanket

With F-1 completed, I then moved over one “square” to the right for a rectangle whose designation is “Square A-3.” Comprised of two three-round granny squares, here it pictured in place just before I worked the third (and joining) round of the second granny square:

multicolor crochet squares
The two three-round granny squares ready to be joined with the third round of the second granny square

here it is with the two three-round granny squares joined to each other:

multicolor crochet squares
The two three-round granny squares of crochet Square A-3 after joining

and finally I was at the point that I could join Square A-3 to the larger panel:

multicolor crochet squares
Crochet Square A-3 after being joined to the future crochet beach blanket

The disadvantage of the join-as-you-go method is that the project very quickly becomes less than portable, but this is made up for by the fact that it allows one to bring together disparate pieces and present them in an attractive and functional format.

As for the spring break that is very nearly ended, I will miss the luxury of sleeping in, but I will probably benefit from the addition of more structure to my day — at least that is what I am going to tell myself tomorrow morning.

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  1. This makes me want to grab some yarn and start making random sized/shaped squares and motifs and start joining them. 🙂

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