Spring is springing

On the inexorable march toward summer, and what for me is state fair project season, it might be a little premature to assert that spring has sprung, but if it is not here yet, it is definitely waiting in the wings, and this morning, spring was springing.

Today’s temperatures were warm, birds were hopping from one bush to another while twittering, and I began to feel the lethargy and sneezing that only spring allergies bring. Soon, I realized, the ground will be littered with a thick layer of yellow pollen that will provide a lovely (if sneezy) contrast to the project I have dubbed the Little Boy Blue blanket.

But, with a little luck, and a lot of diligence, I may be able to get this project finished before the world outside is coated with a film that will not be properly washed off of the cars, decks, sidewalks, roads, and driveways until sometime in mid-June.

So today, despite the fact that I am not yet adjusted to the time change, and despite the fact that I drank copious amounts of coffee, I was less than energetic in my crochet. Still while my progress was slow, it was progress. No having to undo whip stitching and frog wayward pieces — just one stitch, then another, and another, until finally, I had one squares ready to attach to to the main body of the blanket and a few extras for the next row to boot:

The day's squares assembled for a photo
The day’s squares assembled for a photo

Here is how they looked with the portion on the blanket that is already assembled:

The day's squares assembled for a photo with more of the future blanket on a day that spring is springing
The day’s squares assembled for a photo with more of the future blanket on a day that spring is springing

and even though I have many miles (or at least yards) to crochet before it will be time to put this project to bed, I can finally see that the end is nearing.

It will not come quickly — once I finish with the body of the blanket, there will still be the matter of the border to address, but before I know it, this project will be finished, and it will once again be time to move on to whatever lies ahead.

4 thoughts on “Spring is springing

  1. You are moving right along. Ahh yes spring has sprung for sure. The yellow stuff is everywhere down here. The sight of flowers on trees makes up for it though..:)

  2. I really love how this blanket is coming along. Of course, blue is my favorite color, so that might have something to do with it. 🙂

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