Square 30

Today, I spent most of my time organizing my crochet empire, sorting like with like, and trying to find a place to put the things that need to be moved out and either disposed of or put elsewhere.

By mid-afternoon, I was ready to stop for the day and turn my attention to more immediate crochet matters before taking my son to a choir practice.

I wanted something I could complete since the room (which is to the point where it is starting to look a bit better rather than a whole lot worse) is still very much a work in progress, and I needed to generate some finishing-things-up energy to propel me on all of my unfinished projects.

So I logged into ravelry, checked in with the Jean Leinhauser’s 101 Crochet Squares crochet-a-long group, and looked over the squares I have yet to complete.

I ended up settling on Square 30 in part because it was only 6 rounds, which was very doable, and in part because it appeared to be both textural and open, and I was curious to see what stitches were used and how.

So I got out my H hook, along with some Red Heart Super Saver yarn in both variegated Cherry Chip and magenta (one of the coordinating colors as found on the Multi-color Coordinate list (the url of which is always changing) and got to work.

In short order, I had the two center rounds completed and the ends woven in:

crochet circle
The center of crochet square 30

The four outer rounds took more time because I was not as careful to check my work as would have behooved me, and when I got to the third side of the square on the sixth round, I discovered I had made a mistake which went back all the way to the corresponding side of the fourth round. Thankfully, crochet is very easy to undo, and I was able to finish the square and photograph it before it was time to leave for choir:

Crochet granny square
Crochet Square 30

Tomorrow I will resume my efforts to tame my crochet empire. My hope is that some of the finishing things energy I was able to tap into for this project will follow me into the new day.