Square 47 and square 51

Today I focused my crochet efforts on the 101 Crochet Squares crochet-along I am participating in.

As I noted in Sunday’s post, I was, on that day, 17 weeks behind in the crochet-along. I finished a square and was, at least momentarily, only 16 weeks behind.

However, within hours, the sun rose on a new day. Monday came, and along with it, a new square for the crochet-along was announced. In short order I was once again 17 weeks behind.

Today, in between morning chores and afternoon errands, I sought to remedy the situation, and I got to work on square 47 from Jean Leinhauser’s book.

I always learn something from working Jean’s squares, but until I actually work the square, I don’t know what it is I will learn.

Using a 4.5 mm hook and hot red Red Heart Super Saver yarn, I got to work on the flower that forms the center of square 47:

crochet square center
The center of crochet square 47

It is an interesting way to being a motif, and I know that I will be able to use the principles of this construction at a future date, but this afternoon, I was in a hurry to make some progress on the square before it was time to leave to pick my son up from school.

Racing against the clock and the new routine I must follow before leaving the house now that we have a puppy, I managed to finish the second round before I got in the car:

four petal crochet flower
A four petal crochet flower

In a bit of a hurry, I ended up finishing off the hot red one round earlier than I had intended. With no time to complain, I worked the third round in pumpkin, and then, because it was what I had in my purse, I finished up with Red Heart Super Saver delft:

crochet flower center crochet square
Crochet Square 47

Having worked on square 47 while waiting in various lines for various errands, I was happy to be able to work square 51 in its entirety while standing in my kitchen.

Picking up where I left off with Red Heart Super Saver delft, I worked the central part of the motif. When it was time to switch colors, I went with my current favorite neutral color (a lovely, dark brown), and got the square done minutes before the sun had set completely:

crochet square crochet sun center
Crochet Square 51

I wish I had had more time to reflect on my work today and to absorb all of the lessons these squares have to offer, but I am happy that at least in some small way, I managed to not fall further behind.

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  1. I think I am going to have to purchase her book…. these squares and others I’ve seen by Jean are totally compelling….

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