Stash down 2015: Day 1: I start work on a new cookie blanket

After my blog was posted on Thursday, I continued work on a beard for my youngest son’s friend. He was going to be going to a Renaissance Fair over the weekend and was in need of a beard to go with his recently completed crochet Viking helmet — the one he wore to his engineering advising appointment on Friday afternoon.

I got to bed late and then got up early so that he would be well outfitted for his weekend:

A braided and crochet beard made from yarn
A beard for Jacob

So by Friday afternoon, I had cleared the crochet decks.

Sort of.

I am at a small impasse on my 2016 State Fair project. I need to figure out some design details for the locket, and at this point, nothing is revealing itself, so while I wait for revelation, I decided to try to clear the decks, both literally and figuratively.

Literally, that means I need to bring order to my office. Figuratively, it means that I need to take the scraps of paper, partially filled notebooks, and random electronic files, and turn them into coherent crochet patterns that will, in turn, further my efforts at world domination through crochet.

Normally, I spend the month of November working from my stash.

This year, in addition to working from my stash, I have an added goal of completing patterns for some of my undocumented designs.

I have a huge number to choose from (blankets, bags, shark flowers), and after giving it careful thought, I decided to start with a pattern for the baby cookie blanket I made for the granddaughter of a friend:

A cookie blanket for Amelia that is the inspiration for a new cookie blanket
A cookie blanket for Amelia that is the inspiration for a new cookie blanket

I like the blanket because it has shapes (circles and squares) to capture and keep the baby’s interest, as well as the assorted colors that make up the cookies.

Once I settled on which of my many projects I would document first, I scoured my notebooks, index cards, and computer and sorted through notes I have made, both handwritten and electronic, then got out my hooks and yarn, and set to work.

By the time the sun was ready to set, I had written directions for a ginger snap and the base of the sugar cookie (they are the same), and I had crocheted four of the gingersnaps and one of the sugar cookie bases:

crochet cookies for a crochet blanket
Four gingersnaps and one sugar cookie base

November has nowhere near enough days for me to get all of my patterns written, but it’s a start.

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  1. Bravo! I have so many UFOs waiting in line, but you have inspired me to do, not try to do. Peace, blessings and joy!

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