Stash down challenge 2011: Day 15

Today was not only day 15 of my current stash down challenge, it was also the perfect fall day. The air was crisp, but not too crisp; moist, but not too moist, and, to my puppy’s delight, the walk was covered with leaves.

In the early part of the morning, when there was still a noticeable chill in the air, I sat at the kitchen table weaving in ends on the kietjusilmukkahuivi I finished crocheting:

crochet scarf crochet shawl
I begin weaving in ends on the ketjusilmukkahuivi

As with most pieces, finishing with the crochet does not mean that one’s work done, and in the case of this scarf, not only are there more ends to be woven in, it also requires a more rigorous blocking process than is my wont.

After I tired of weaving in ends, Clooney (our new puppy) and I headed outside. While he romped in the leaves, I did what I could to clear them from the walkway in case the much anticipated rain arrives. When I felt that he had exhausted himself enough exploring the yard and hiding under leaves, I set aside the rake and broom and went back to my crochet.

This time (in addition to the chibi that holds my large bent-tipped Clover yarn needles) I grabbed my 10.0mm hook and the vintage wools I have been working with. After tidying up the loose ends of this piece which comprises the main body of the basket of flowers bag I am working on:

gold double crochet square
Body of the crochet basket with ends woven in

I plowed ahead, hook in hand, and made the two pieces that will be used for either end of the basket/purse:

three crochet squares
Body of the crochet basket with ends

With the two ends completed, I then directed my attention to making three additional flowers, bringing the total to four, which is also the number of flowers that still need to be made:

crochet basket with crochet flowers
Body of the basket with both ends and four of eight crochet flowers

Tomorrow promises even warmer weather than today, and I will be ready to make the most of it.

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