Stash down challenge 2011: Day 17

My Thursday started earlier than I would have liked; the upside of this was that I got a head start on my crochet day.

I spent most of my crochet time today dyeing the pieces of my basket of flowers project, that will, when it is done, bear at least some resemblance to the project detailed here:

crochet flower bag
The crochet flower bag I now have to make

One of the main differences is that rather than crocheting with a 10.0 mm hook and jute, I have been crocheting with a 10.0mm hook and two strands of worsted weight vintage wool.

The wool was, by my reckoning, a little on the plain side, and I sought to remedy this perceived deficit with the magic of Kool-Aid.

Here is how the pieces of the project appeared before I dyed them:

crochet basket with crochet flowers
Body of the basket with both ends and four of eight crochet flowers

and here is how they appear now:

felted crochet basket
My basket of crochet flowers to-be after some Kool-Aid dyeing

Since wool has more drape than jute does, I will be felting this project to make it sturdier. It will, however be smaller than the project depicted in the photo. There will be some shrinkage as a result of the felting, but I also decided to make the straps 32 inches shorter than what the pattern called for. Here is the strap I made today:

Where my crochet day ended on day 17 of my stash down challenge
Where my crochet day ended on day 17 of my stash down challenge

It measures 6.75 feet long which I think will long enough even with the strap going around the bottom of the bag. I am reasonably certain that the nearly 8.5′ called for was not correct.

I am really looking forward to getting the second strap made, soaking both straps in a good, strong Kool-Aid bath, and piecing together the bag. I will set aside Monday to felt the project as we are due to have the warmest weather I expect we will have for quite awhile.

I don’t know how this project will turn out, but each stitch is an adventure unto itself.

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