Stash down challenge 2011: Day 22

Yesterday, in a flurry of efficiency and activity, I dyed the two straps needed for the basket of flowers project I am working on. Using vintage wools and Kool-Aid, I am attempting to make a felted version of a project, the original of which was made in jute.

Yesterday, I took this photo of all of the pieces finally completed and ready for assembly:

crochet squares, crochet basket, crochetbug
All the pieces of the crochet basket of flowers, dyed and ready to be assembled

In my original (and overly optimistic as it turned out) calculations, I thought I would have the entire bag assembled by eleven this morning; I would then run errands (which included a civilized lunch), return home by mid-afternoon, and have the entire project felted before sunset.

Due to some distractions, and the opportunity to do some non-crochet related not particularly glamorous, but completely necessary activities, I found that it took me much more of the day than I anticipated to join the ends to the body of the bag as seen here:

felted crochet basket, crochetbug
I attach the ends to the body of the crochet basket to-be

and to then join the flowers into a ring. I had just finished joining the last flower to the strip when it became clear to me that if I intended to take a photo in daylight, I would need to do so before I joined the first flower to the last to form the ring:

I assemble the crochet flowers in a strip for my stash down challenge of 2011 day 12
I assemble the crochet flowers in a strip for my stash down challenge of 2011 day 12

While today’s progress was more modest than anticipated, tomorrow’s weather should be of help to me in getting my crochet work done.

Storms are expected to move in near daybreak and linger through the morning leaving me with no excuse not to complete the assembly of the basket of flowers.

By lunch the storms will have cleared, leaving me an afternoon in which I can move my felting apparatus to my outdoor office and see just how well (or not) this project felts.

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