Stash down challenge 2012: Day 26 in which I felt the “Sherbert Mix” fat bag

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, one of the brackets on my son’s braces came off, so the first order of business this morning was to schedule an appointment to have the bracket replaced.

Somehow, finishing that chore led to others. A load of laundry here, a load of dishes there — then the laundry dried necessitating folding, and before I knew it, most of the morning had slipped away.

After an early lunch, I wrestled to get myself back on track, and after an internal debate over how to finish the “Sherbert Mix,” I decided it was perfect as it was, and set up my Superwash (similar to the Wonderwash sold by the Laundry Alternative, Inc.) and got to work with the task of felting.

In between bouts of hand cranking, I took some time to work on the nineteenth hexagon in my African flower mediation series.

Here is today’s hexagon:

An African flower crochet hexagon with a bright pink border
The nineteeth African flower hexagon

and here it is with the eighteen African flower hexagons that preceded it:

Nineteen African flower crochet hexagons joined with a whipstitch
Day 19 of my African flower hexagon meditation

Back and forth I went between the hexagon project and the hand crank washer.

Periodically, I would open the washer to check on the progress of the bag.

The first time, there were too many bubbles, so I added a little vinegar to quiet them.

The second time, there were still too many bubbles. Not as foamy and munificent as the first time, but still too many, so I added a little more vinegar.

The third time I checked, the number of bubbles seemed “just right,” but it was clear that the project needed more agitation, so I continued turning the crank, until finally, when I opened the washer to check on the state of the project, it was “just right”

A felted crochet purse made with variegated vintage wool yarn
The “Sherbert Mix” fat bag after felting

One of the main reasons I bought the enormous yarn stash that I did was that it contained this yarn. From the first time I saw it, I thought that it could be something wonderful, and while I don’t know that everyone would agree, I think this newly felted fat bag fits the bill.

2 thoughts on “Stash down challenge 2012: Day 26 in which I felt the “Sherbert Mix” fat bag

  1. Love the bag!!!! Amazing how felting changes the look of a piece…

    ALso adore the Hexi Meditation…..
    working my own FLower Hexagons… Mine wants to be a blanket… what will yours become, or are you not there yet?

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