Summer draws to a close

According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, this year’s autumnal equinox will occur on September 22, at 10:49 AM Eastern Daylight Time, but for me, summer will effectively have ended when my alarm goes off tomorrow morning at 5:15.

My youngest son starts back to school, and because of a district-wide scheduling snafu with the bus routes, I got my first phone message of the school year informing me that even if I got a letter from the bus company giving me a time that the bus was expected to arrive, the school district was advising me to ignore that and have my child at the bus stop by 6:00 AM.

While a snafu of this order is not the most auspicious beginning for the school year, I am much happier to be the parent getting up at 5:15 than the bus driver who will, no doubt, be up even earlier than that and whose route may, or may not, be correctly mapped out.

So today, I spent what feels like my last true day of summer working to get something of substance done, and the something I worked on was the larger, textured triangles for my 2012 North Carolina State Fair project.

I began by making a triangle using Red Heart Super Saver magenta. Once that was made, and I compared it to a triangle I had made previously from Red Heart Super Saver Windsor blue, I noticed a problem that one of my readers who pays better attention had mentioned to me:

textured crochet triangles
The windsor blue triangle before being frogged and reworked

The Windsor blue triangle was not quite the right size. I didn’t bother to figure out what went wrong. My best guess (based on the slightly different shape and smaller size is that I made two errors. I probably used the wrong size hook, and I probably also lost a stitch in two of the corners.

With that in mind, I got out my 5.5mm hook, and as I frogged the first Windsor blue triangle, I crocheted what would be the second Windsor blue triangle. By crocheting as I frogged, I saved myself many potential tangles, and in short order, I had a new, better fitting, large, textured triangle:

textured crochet triangles
The windsor blue triangle after being frogged and reworked

Buoyed by my success, I made one triangle after another. By the end of the day, I had seven completely new triangles to go with the redone triangle.

Here is an overview:

textured crochet triangles
An overview of today’s crochet triangles

and here is a close-up that better highlights the texture:

textured crochet triangles
A detail of the eight large, textured crochet triangles

and while I will miss the long, lazy days of summer, I am also looking forward to finishing my state fair project, one stitch at a time.

3 thoughts on “Summer draws to a close

  1. I Am SO loving these textured pieces…. would love to learn this technique!
    THe close up really shows the great color dance happening here as well as playing up the texture!!!

  2. WOW.. way above my skill level, but something to practice towards..

    I do not miss those first days of bus routes…*sigh* good luck.. 6am is a bit much to put kids through IMHO..

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