To fur or not to fur? that is the question

Yesterday, after the sun had set and I couldn’t take a photo, I finished piecing together the fourth vinx.

Earlier in the day I had managed to make and affix two ears to the purple vinx:

purple crochet mink with two crochet ears and an embroidered face
I’ve never seen a purple vinx….

and I then continued working through all of the daylight and beyond until all four vinxes were pieced together with the ends woven in trimmed.

So this morning, before I left on a series of errands, I posed the vinxes and captured this snapshot of the four vinxes:

four crochet minks without fur arranged in formation for a crochet mink stole
A future vinx stole

Then, when I returned in the afternoon and the light was better, I was able to get them in other poses.

Here they are all stretched out:

four crochet minks without any fur
Four vinxes all in a row

and here they are, folded:

four folded crochet minks with no fur
Four folded vinxes

The only thing missing from my original vision?


I had planned to attach fringe all over in a manner similar to what I had done with this porcupine:

an amigurumi porcupine with added yarn fur
A side view of Henri the amigurumi porcupine with his new quills

My first effort was a bit over the top, but not necessarily in a good way:

A crochet tail for a mink with longer fur added
My first attempt at vinx fur

I then regrouped, thinned the first effort, and then tried something shorter that would also be trimmed:

A tale of two tails: to fur or not to fur?
A tale of two tails: to fur or not to fur?

I’m still not sure how this fringe fur adventure will unfold, but I know that I will learn something; I just don’t know what.