Henri gets his quills

Before dinner yesterday, I managed to get this far with Henri, the porcupine-to-be:

an amigurumi porcupine in need of yarn quills
Side view of Henri the amigurumi porcupine sans quills

Despite being adorable, Henri lacked a certain “je ne sais quois.”

In an effort to remedy Henri’s lack of “quois,” today, I got out my Red Heart Super Saver light gray, cut a number of 3″ strips, and attached them to the porcupine-to-be in a fashion similar to attaching yarn strips in the making of a latch hook rug. Shortly after lunch, Henri had his quills.

Here is a front view of Henri:

an amigurumi porcupine with yarn quills
Front view of Henri with his quills

and here is a side view:

Henri the amigurumi porcupine
A side view of Henri the amigurumi porcupine with his new quills

With Henri’s quills and “quois” now evident, I set aside the 3.5mm hook I had been using and got out my copy of Tiny Yarn Animals, by Tamie Snow.

I already had the light gray yarn out, so with my 4.0 mm hook, I began work on the koala pattern, which, in addition to being included in the book I have is also a featured pattern here at Women’s Day.

As I began work on the koala, I was struck by the elegance and simplicity of the design. Despite numerous interruptions to my crochet as I attempted to also do some much needed housework, I got all of the pieces (with the exception of decreases for the head) done in under 90 minutes:

crochet pieces of an amigurumi koala
Crochet koala parts

I expect that after I finish this koala, I may make another as this project is one that works up quickly, and as time is of the essence for my 25 amigurumi project, I need to look for cute, time friendly patterns, and this seems as if it might be just exactly that.

5 thoughts on “Henri gets his quills

  1. Oh my, Henri is adorable. His new human will be thrilled with him, I’m sure!

    1. @Crystal, Henri is proving to be quite popular. I think it might be those renegade rockstar quills. 🙂

  2. Hiya, do you still have the pattern for the porcupine?? I really want to make him, but it is no longer available from Ravelry. He is very cute. Thanks

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