More crochet hearts and elephants

While I find it more efficient to work on one project at a time, efficiency is not the reason I crochet.

I crochet because I must — and currently I am determined to crochet 101 elephants. I am just as determined to crochet as many hearts as I can in the lead up to Valentine’s Day, and I am trying to make these project complementary of each other rather than competitive with each other.

To that end, each time I start with a new color of yarn, I have begun to crochet the elephant, the elephant ear, and the heart center in one sitting. I don’t change to another color or yarn until all three pieces have been crocheted. This takes anywhere from ten to fifteen minutes depending on distractions and interruptions.

Then, when I need a portable task, I pack up all of the already crocheted, elephants, elephant ears, and hearts, put them in a plastic bag and take them with me, so today, while I was waiting for my son at the dentist’s office, I wove in ends on these ten hearts:

I get a start on ten boho hearts of the crochet hearts and elephants
I get a start on ten boho hearts of the crochet hearts and elephants

and fourteen of the fifteen elephants I had with me:

rainbow of crochet elephants
A rainbow of elephants-to-be

At this point, I have no idea where either of these projects are headed; I just know that I must (with hook in hand) follow them wherever they lead me, one stitch at a time.

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