Hats, hats, and more hats

I have a friend whose sister has been undergoing aggressive treatments for cancer, and has lost her hair as a result.

Since I can’t be there to help with the day-to-day things that need doing, I have been working on crocheting a wardrobe of hats for my friend’s sister.

After finishing work on the “put a cookie on it hat,” I decided that it was probably time to add a more sleep caps to the collection so using this pattern devised by Kate of the blog “Crocheted Fleece,” while riding the train to and from New York last week, I made three more chemo sleep caps:

crochet chemo sleep caps
Three more crochet chemo sleep caps

Then, I decided to look for a pattern for a simple daywear hat, and an I found Headhuggers crochet pattern 22. There were two stitch options: a shell or a half double crochet, and I decided to go with the half double crochet and a skein of Berroco Comfort in a color that very much resembled a raspberry.

Here is the hat when the crocheting was completed:

crochet chemo cap
Headhuggers crochet pattern 22 before gathering

and here it is with a strategic gather that gives it a nice finish:

crochet chemo cap
Headhuggers crochet pattern 22 ready to wear

With that hat done, I decided to try my hand at a granny square hat designed by Michele Maks that was featured on the cover of Crochet World’s Spring 2013 Glorious Granny Squares collection.

Using a 4.5 mm hook to get the recommended gauge and some Red Heart With Love, I made two of the six squares needed for the band of granny squares at the core of the design:

two granny squares
Two granny squares for another chemo crochet cap

I am hoping that tomorrow, I get my crochet mojo going and transform these two squares into a completed hat.