Hats, hats, and more hats

I have a friend whose sister has been undergoing aggressive treatments for cancer, and has lost her hair as a result.

Since I can’t be there to help with the day-to-day things that need doing, I have been working on crocheting a wardrobe of hats for my friend’s sister.

After finishing work on the “put a cookie on it hat,” I decided that it was probably time to add a more sleep caps to the collection so using this pattern devised by Kate of the blog “Crocheted Fleece,” while riding the train to and from New York last week, I made three more chemo sleep caps:

crochet chemo sleep caps
Three more crochet chemo sleep caps

Then, I decided to look for a pattern for a simple daywear hat, and an I found Headhuggers crochet pattern 22. There were two stitch options: a shell or a half double crochet, and I decided to go with the half double crochet and a skein of Berroco Comfort in a color that very much resembled a raspberry.

Here is the hat when the crocheting was completed:

crochet chemo cap
Headhuggers crochet pattern 22 before gathering

and here it is with a strategic gather that gives it a nice finish:

crochet chemo cap
Headhuggers crochet pattern 22 ready to wear

With that hat done, I decided to try my hand at a granny square hat designed by Michele Maks that was featured on the cover of Crochet World’s Spring 2013 Glorious Granny Squares collection.

Using a 4.5 mm hook to get the recommended gauge and some Red Heart With Love, I made two of the six squares needed for the band of granny squares at the core of the design:

two granny squares
Two granny squares for another chemo crochet cap

I am hoping that tomorrow, I get my crochet mojo going and transform these two squares into a completed hat.


3 thoughts on “Hats, hats, and more hats

  1. that’s awesome you are doing that !
    I had a friend too that went thru chemo an when she was done she started wearing wigs an told me that
    she couldn’t wear certain hats since they were either to hot or they itched
    what kind of yarn are you using ? if you said I’m sorry I missed it:)

    1. I am using mostly acrylic and nylon blends (including Berroco Comfort in the worsted and DK weights) along with some of the softer plain acrylics, like Caron Simply Soft, and Red Heart With Love.

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