Granny Hat

I had originally intended to make this project with Red Heart With Love yarn, but as I worked the squares, I realized that for a summer chemo hat, the Red Heart With Love was going to be too warm.

Not certain what I should do, I sorted through my stash and came across some KnitPicks Comfy™ Worsted that I had purchased.

A blend of 75% pima cotton and 25% acrylic, I had ordered it thinking I would use it to make one hat for which it ended up being not at all suitable.

Despite the worsted weight designation, the is really more of a fat DK or a skinny worsted rather than what I would consider a genuine worsted, but it has a lovely feel to it and a spectacular array of colors, so after some trial runs with a 4.5 mm hook, I was able to figure out what adjustments I would need to make to Michele Maks Granny Hat pattern to use the yarn I had at hand to take this project from concept to reality.

I started by making the centers for the six granny squares needed to make the hat:

six granny squares centers
I get started on six three-round granny squares

Then, grabbing a skein of Comfy™ worsted jalepeno, I got to work on the crown.

In surprisingly short order, I not only had a start on the granny squares-to-be but had finished work on the crown:

Future granny square hat
A granny square hat to be

With the crown completed, I then returned my efforts to finishing the three-round granny squares which I was able to do well before the sun set and fireworks began:

Six granny squares
Six three-round granny squares

I have no idea if tomorrow will be as wildly productive as today was, but with any luck and a reasonable effort, I should be able to finish this and get it out in the mail in plenty of time for the recipient to be able to wear it on her birthday.


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  1. I love seeing colorful granny squares again. The design is delightful, and your color combinations sparkle.

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