A blustery crochet day

When I awoke this morning, it was to a stiff breeze, so I knew that today would be a blustery crochet day, and while it meant it would be hard to take photos, it also meant that the light would be excellent.

I decided to pick up where I had left off with my second Hello Kitty crochet Pochacco. I had started working him in a bright turquoise yarn and had settled on accents of brown, peach, and yellow:

A Hello Kitty crochet Pochacco worked in turquoise, brown, and yellow yarn
The second Pochacco as of this morning

I needed to finish the head, weave in the end, stuff the body, attach it to the head, secure the feet, and crochet and attach a tail. All doable–as long as I did it.

By early afternoon, I had the head and body completed, and the little Turquoise Pochacco was patiently waiting for his back legs and a tail:

A turquoise crochet Pochacco in the foreground waiting to be finished with an image of the completed light coral Pochacco in the background
A turquoise Pochacco waiting to be finished

He waited patiently, because unfinished crochet projects don’t have a whole lot of say in when things get done, but he looked so patiently plaintive, that I got to work.

For some reason, try as I might, I could not get the feet on right, but just as I was about to give up, I finally got them at the correct angle, so I hurried and got the tail done while the crochet mojo was with me.

In no time, the new turquoise Pochacco was done:

A turquoise crochet Pochacco with brown ears, peach cheeks, and a yellow sweater.
Turquoise Pochacco

and ready to join his friend light coral Pochacco in the breezy afternoon. Fortunately, there was a chair on the the patio large enough to seat them both:

Two crochet Pochacco's enjoying a blustery crochet day on the patio
Two crochet Pochacco’s sharing an Adirondack chair

But while the light coral Pochacco wanted to go in, the turquoise Pochacco wanted to sit out on a blustery crochet day and have his photo taken with a few more of his amigurumi friends while they enjoyed the breeze on a future great granny square blanket:

Four crochet Hello Kitty characters sitting on a granny square blanket on a blustery crochet day
Amigurumi picnic

As lovely as today was, tomorrow also promises the same perfect mix of clouds, wind, and sunshine, and I can hardly wait to see what I will get done–one stitch at a time.