When in doubt, frog it out

When I hit publish on my last blog post, it was with a smidgen of regret. As regrets go, it wasn’t a big one. I wondered how my first Pochacco’s sweater would have looked if I had used Red Heart Super Saver grenadine rather than the pretty ‘n pink. When I asked for a color consult, I was told “when in doubt, frog it out.”

The response was a little cheeky, but, as it turned out, it was also exactly right. Less than ten minutes after the conversation ended, my first Pochacco had a new (and to my mind, improved) sweater:

Feeling dissatisfied with Pochacco's first sweater, I decided to frog it out and recrochet it in a new and darker pink.
Pochacco with a grenadine sweater

and I was ready to move forward with what remained to be done.

Unencumbered by doubt, I was able to fly through the remaining tasks, and in what felt like no time (no doubt in part because there was no longer and internal argument about whether or not to frog the original sweater) my first crochet Pochacco was done:

A crochet Pochacco, sitting on a kindle, worked in light coral, rouge, and grenadine yarn.
Pochacco learns to read

Not only was the amigurumi critter ready for adventure, with his new sweater, Pochacco also coordinated very well with the blanket that will travel with him:

Pochacco on his granny square blanket.
Pochacco enjoys the blanket and the great outdoors

Pleased with how my first effort at crocheting the Pochacco pattern had gone, I decided to try my my hand on a second one, but it had to coordinate with an entirely different granny square blanket:

A multicolor granny square blanket
A multicolor granny square blanket in need of a Pochacco of its own

I decided that I would try Red Heart Super Saver turqua head lints with coffee ears, and a sweater in an as-yet-to-be-determined color. So far it looks good:

The top half of a head and ears for a turqua and brown crochet Pochacco
A turqua Pochacco with brown ears

but if I change my mind, I can always frog it out.

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