I made a thing

I was well on my way to finishing my second Pochacco, when I got distracted by a shiny new project, and I set the Pochacco aside and I made a thing–or I guess, more correctly, I made another thing.

I had seen a photo of an ingenious crochet coin purse–but that’s all it was–a photo. No dimensions, no suggested yarn, just a hint of genius, but other than the photos, no hints on how to accomplish it.

I also had a need for this particular kind of genius because I am working on what I call a “pandemic purse”– which I want to have the attributes of being easy to wash and quick to dry–but as I envision the purse, it means that there must be bags to put in the bag, and this bit of genius could accomplish that exact goal.

So with little guidance and a burning determination to “make a thing,” I got out some DK weight yarn a friend had sent, grabbed the 3.25 mm crochet hook I was using to make the second Pochacco, and got to work.

It didn’t take me too long to get it all sorted out, and before I knew it I had crochet a granny square to serve as the bottom of the coin purse:

The back of a four round granny square to serve as the base of a crochet coin purse
The back of a granny square to be used for a coin purse

and four granny triangles to serve as the top:

Four over lapping granny triangles I used to make a thing. In this case, a crochet coin purse
Four overlapping granny triangles atop a granny square

All that was left to do was to work a round of single crochet through three thicknesses of crochet pieces.

Ever so carefully, I counted my way around and made sure that I didn’t miss any stitches. Soon, the coin purse was done:

The crochet coin purse with all of the edges properly joined
The completed, but untested, crochet coin purse

But, would it work?

I gingerly inserted my finger into the center and after a small bit of awkwardness, I had it open:

The crochet coin purse open and ready to be filled
The crochet coin purse, open and ready for adventure

I filled it with quarters:

I made a thing and filled it with quarters
The crochet coin purse filled with quarters

and then checked to make sure it would close. Which it did:

A crochet coin purse filled with quarters

I am happier than I should be at having “made a thing,” but there is something about doing something one your own and for yourself that is very liberating.

So liberating, I think I’ll make another.

3 thoughts on “I made a thing

  1. When you get it perfect, does the hair on the back of neck stand up, and a little chill go down the spine?

  2. That’s very cute, and looks very handy! I’m always looking for small bags to put in my crocheted bags, too. This looks like a good one!

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