The siren call of the open “Road Trip” Scarf

When I finish this “Road Trip” scarf, it will be time for me to move onto what is next, but today I savored the clear skies and brisk fall weather by sitting out on my back deck and working on my second “Road Trip” scarf.

Like the first “Road Trip” scarf, I had to make some adjustments to the pattern to accommodate the yarn I was using.

This time (instead of a fingering weight) I was using a variable weight yarn that overall tended toward the heavier side of worsted. To accommodate the weight and the variation of weights contained in this one yarn, I used a 5.5 mm hook which gave the fabric a nice drape, but also made reasonably nice stitches in the places where the yarn got quite thin.

Because the yarn is, on average, thicker than worsted, this scarf was ready for a border after just 28 rows rather than the 32 rows in the original pattern.

Then, because I was running short of yarn as I started work on the border, I replaced the 2dc chain 4 called for with 2hdc chain 3. For the final round, I raided my stash and used a blue wool for the final round, replacing the 2dc chain 5 with a 2dc chain 3.

Here is how it looked in late afternoon light:

crochet scarf ready to block
My second road trip scarf in need of blocking and tricking out

Tomorrow, I will start my crochet day by weaving in the ends and blocking the scarf, and then after it has dried, I will go about the business of tricking this out and personalizing it a bit more, and from there I will embark on yet another crochet adventure which has yet to reveal itself.