A crochet hodge podge

Today was one of those days where I did everything and nothing, and instead of being able to focus on one thing, I found myself working on a veritable hodge podge of nearly complete projects.

Last July, inspired by fellow raverler, Jennifer Wayland, I made my first chair leg socks for the chairs in my kitchen which made horrendous screeching noises whenever they were moved across the floor.

Since then, a dog has been added to the household, and I find that there is more vacuuming to be done which, in turn, necessitates more moving of chairs to get at that hair. As three of the chairs still lacked chair-leg socks, the number of floor screeches has also increased.

In an effort to ameliorate the cleaning noise situation, I started my crochet day by finishing work on a dozen chair leg socks to cover the chair legs still in need of them so that the kitchen chairs would glide across the floor as I moved them to vacuum up the dog and cat hair that proliferates at my house.

Here is a group photo of the chair leg socks:

A dozen crochet chair leg socks that were part of the day's crochet hodge podge
A dozen crochet chair leg socks that were part of the day’s crochet hodge podge

and here is a photo of a chair leg sock in situ

crochet sock for a chair leg
A crochet chair leg sock, ready for action

With the chair leg socks finally completed, I moved on and attempted to line the crocheted hobo bag I made using Dao Lam’s design. While nothing went “wrong,” nothing went quickly, and by the time I had to take my son to his trumpet lesson, I had only gotten this far:

crochet hobo bag with fabric lining
My crochet hobo bag to be and the future lining of the hobo-bag-to-be

Needing something to keep me occupied during my son’s lesson, I grabbed the Little Boy Blue blanket and spent the 45 minutes of my son’s lesson adding a few more of the small squares to the border and weaving in ends:

blue crochet squares crochet baby blanket
I make excruciatingly modest progress on the Little Boy Blue blanket

I know that at some point, my efforts will result in a finished project, but for the time being, I have to content myself with the process and not worry too much about the progress.

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