The piecing resumes

Since August 1, when I took what was supposed to have been my 2015 North Carolina State Fair piece out of the bin where I had stored it in figurative mothballs for the preceding nine-and-a-half months, I have been making more of the pieces I will need to finish it.

Some of the pieces (like these crochet crazy quilt shapes):

crazy quilt crochet pieces
I lay out a few of the pieces for the center panel

are meant to fill in the center panel, while others (like these bazillion additional one-round granny squares):

one round granny squares for piecing
A baker’s dozen of a baker’s dozen of granny squares for piecing

have been made expressly to fill in gaps that I had failed to notice last year in the rush to the deadline I was unable to meet.

Today, feeling as if I have not gotten anything done the entire month of August (despite crocheting all of the pieces pictured above, and more), I decided to take advantage of the somewhat cooler and markedly less humid weather, and set up shop on my front porch:

plein air crochet piecing
My outdoor work area for piecing the crochet crazy quilt pieces and granny squares

With everything I needed within arm’s reach, I decided to generate some much needed crochet momentum.

To that end, I got out the clock panel and laid out a final round of one-round granny squares to transform the panel from 11 x 16 squares to 13 x 18 squares:

granny squares for the clock panel with much of the piecing done
I continue piecing another round of squares to the clock panel

Then, with my trusty/beloved bent-tipped yarn needle in hand, I began joining the additional round of squares into strips, and I almost got all four strips joined before sunset:

piecing crochet squares
The piecing resumes

The days are now growing noticeably shorter, and so I need to take advantage of the daylight to layout and document what color pieces go where, so that in the quiet of the early morning or late evening, I can continue to move forward, one stitch at a time.