I have a change of heart about the crochet rug

I have been working on a granny rectangle crochet rug. My original idea was to put it under a bookcase I recently purchased, but now that I have started to make more progress on the rug, I have had a change of heart and am loathe to put it under anything:

A thirteen round granny rectangle crochet rug

I like the way the rug is coming together with the interplay of colors and the emerging wonkiness of the rectangle as it gets larger—I can’t see the point of putting the finished piece under a piece of furniture.

What makes this change somewhat different from other changes I have made to crochet projects is that it is based on how I feel about the project. There is no shortage of a color that I have to work around, no technical difficulty to be solves. Instead, I have simply decided that I am not making this rug so that it’s crochet light can be hidden under the metaphorical bushel of a bookcase.

So when the bookcase arrived today in all of it’s turquoise and light yellow glory:

a new yellow and turquoise bookcase

I put it on four sliding felt casters to protect the floor:

Two of the four sliding casters

I then spent what was left of the morning and most of the afternoon deciding what books would make the cut and be allowed to grace my new bookcase:

My new book case with the multicolor granny rectangle crochet rug in front of it after I have a change of heart

The crochet rug is too small the be called done, but now that I have had a change of heart about where the rug will be placed, I will continue forward, one stitch at a time until it is just the right size.