More “better living” through chair leg socks

In early August when I began work on my 2014 state fair project, I used every available free moment to work on it, and as such, I got more than a little behind on my housekeeping, but now the project is done, I want to get back to “better living.”

One of the most noticeable things has been the amount of dog hair that has accumulated, and on the occasions that I would move the chairs to attempt to sweep up the dog hair that was collecting underneath the kitchen table, there would be an awful squeak that made it apparent that the life of a chair leg sock is three years, and mine were in desperate need of a refresh.

So this weekend, after I had washed and blocked my mother’s “Road Trip” scarf-to-be, I started work on replacing the 24 chair leg socks for the six kitchen chairs under which my dog’s hair likes to accumulate.

It had been a long time since I had made any chair leg socks, so my first couple of efforts were a little off, but eventually, I got in a crocheting fitted chair leg socks groove, and in short order, I had a set of new “refreshed” fitted chair leg socks, ready to replace a set of old worn-out chair leg socks:

Better living through crochet : A chair's worth of chair leg socks
Better living through crochet : A chair’s worth of chair leg socks

All that’s left to do now is to put these on one of the chairs and make twenty more! And if you should need some chair leg socks of your own, here is a free pattern that documents how I made mine.