Dotghan 1.0

This past Friday I spent much of my crochet time working on some of the 392 small crochet cookies I will need for this year’s large state fair project, Cookieghan 2.0.

Because of the progress I made on Friday, I allowed myself an indulgence on Saturday: I stated work on Dotghan 1.0.

Based on the mobile phone game, DOTS –a simple and highly addictive game that allows you to while away your life in one minute increments — I had intended for this project to be a baby afghan size.

So Saturday, instead of crocheting on cookies, I began to work on the design details of the dot project that I had envisioned.

Using the proportions as they appear on my phone:

DOTS the game
One potential Dotghan arrangement

and an array of Red Heart yarns I got to work on a design.

After an hour or so of trying things that didn’t work, I finally hit on what would:

crochet dots for a crochet baby blanket
Five half-double crochet dots for Dotghan 1.0

and here are those same dots as they appear on the background-to-be:

crochet baby blanket with dots
The Dotghan crochet baby blanket begins to take shape

With the design work for Dotghan 1.0 done, I returned to working on the small cookies needed for Cookieghan 2.0, and as the sun set on third weekend of August, I had finished an additional 36 cookies of the 392 needed for the project:

small crochet cookies
Three dozen small crochet cookies for Cookieghan 2.0

I have a lot of crochet to do between now and the deadline of high noon on October 14, but a few more weekends like this one past will certainly help me reach that goal.