Dotghan 1.0

This past Friday I spent much of my crochet time working on some of the 392 small crochet cookies I will need for this year’s large state fair project, Cookieghan 2.0.

Because of the progress I made on Friday, I allowed myself an indulgence on Saturday: I stated work on Dotghan 1.0.

Based on the mobile phone game, DOTS –a simple and highly addictive game that allows you to while away your life in one minute increments — I had intended for this project to be a baby afghan size.

So Saturday, instead of crocheting on cookies, I began to work on the design details of the dot project that I had envisioned.

Using the proportions as they appear on my phone:

DOTS the game
One potential Dotghan arrangement

and an array of Red Heart yarns I got to work on a design.

After an hour or so of trying things that didn’t work, I finally hit on what would:

crochet dots for a crochet baby blanket
Five half-double crochet dots for Dotghan 1.0

and here are those same dots as they appear on the background-to-be:

crochet baby blanket with dots
The Dotghan crochet baby blanket begins to take shape

With the design work for Dotghan 1.0 done, I returned to working on the small cookies needed for Cookieghan 2.0, and as the sun set on third weekend of August, I had finished an additional 36 cookies of the 392 needed for the project:

small crochet cookies
Three dozen small crochet cookies for Cookieghan 2.0

I have a lot of crochet to do between now and the deadline of high noon on October 14, but a few more weekends like this one past will certainly help me reach that goal.

4 thoughts on “Dotghan 1.0

  1. I love the dotghan idea!!!! Your cookie collection is really progressing. Good for you! I was not able to crochet all weekend to my distress! Busy with grandchildren etc.

  2. Girl, there is just no stopping you down, is there! Not only working on your Fair entry, but cooking up with a new design. Will have to check out the Dots game. Just what I need, another way to waste time! I’m in the home stretch of working on a crib blanket that is a special order. Took a page from your book or should I say, blog? I’m redesigning an existing pattern to fit my client’s very specific taste. Will send you a picture when it’s all done. You truly do inspire me!

  3. Inspiring to many of us!!!
    There is something so soothing about circles….
    Speaking of soothing… are my eyes playing tricks on me or are these cookies not flat but more cup like in their shape? Perhaps I Am merely bleary eyes having decided to make a new babyghan that I Am rippling along in a white, blue, turquoise and pale green multi ~ its a light weight baby yarn for a little boy being born next month!!
    So happy to be crocheting again.. while I Am on the NCSF 2013 Cookieghan 2.0 Journey. ~ <3 ~

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