Working through the doubts

One hazard of working on a large project is that you don’t always know if you will really be able to create (or in this instance recreate in yarn) the vision that is dancing in your head, and my attempts to crochet a snickerdoodle have been (to put it politely) disappointing, and you often must work through the doubts.

Today, however, while I was not able to fashion a cookie that looks as much like a snickerdoodle as I would like it to, I did manage to crochet a cookie that looked like something I would want to eat:

snickerdoodle crochet cookie
A new snickerdoodle-ish crochet cookie

Made with Vanna’s Choice “honey” and a bazillion brown glass beads, the above cookie is my most successful effort to date, so I decided to move forward with the design as it was and completed work on another dozen cookies in addition to the two snickerdoodle-ish cookies:

crochet cookie pyramid
A dozen plus two crochet cookies

With so many cookies completed, I finally had a chance to see if they would fit together as I had thought/hoped/calculated they would.

I laid out one motif:

One future crochet cookie motif assembled after working through the doubts
One future crochet cookie motif assembled after working through the doubts

and then a second:

crochet cookie afghan
Two future crochet cookie motifs

and a third:

crochet cookie afghan
Three future crochet cookie motifs

and a fourth:

crochet cookie afghan
Four future crochet cookie motifs

All that was left was to see if the medium cookie would fill the gap created in the center of the four cookie motifs:

crochet cookie afghan
With a single medium crochet cookie at the center

and it did.

I don’t know what other doubts will plague me in the weeks to come, but I will work through and then past them as I do each year: one stitch at a time.

4 thoughts on “Working through the doubts

  1. Under the weather and unable to crochet here but sending you all of the Crochet energy I would have used! Love the layout!!!

  2. Looking Delicious.
    Can not wait to see how this cookiegan looks when it is finished
    Good enough to eat, I bet

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