Crunching numbers

In the thirteen days since the month of August began, officially kicking off what is known at my house as “crochet season,” I have begun work on the crochet cookies I will need for this year’s entry: Cookieghan 2.0), and recently I decided that I had better start crunching numbers

The cookies have been accumulating in bags, on surfaces, and under my son’s important papers for school (which starts shortly, so when I finally got to the crochet part of my day, I decided that the first order of business was to finish work on the partially completed cookies that littered my purse, my kitchen and my living room.

Several hours later, I had written comprehensive directions for two of the cookies, woven in any number of ends of cookies that were nearly done, and crocheted these seven small cookies in their entirety:

small crochet cookies
Seven small crochet cookies

as well as the cookie portion of two large frosted oatmeal cookies-to-be:

large oatmeal crochet cookies
Two large oatmeal crochet cookies in need of frosting

By sunset of the 477 cookies needed for this project, I had completed nine (of 36) medium crochet cookies:

medium crochet cookies
Nine medium crochet cookies

twelve (of 49) large crochet cookies:

large crochet cookies
A dozen large crochet cookies

and 49 (of 392) small crochet cookies:

forty-nine small crochet cookies
Forty-nine small crochet cookies

When I wake up tomorrow morning, there will be just sixty-two days and 355 cookies between me and the deadline for the North Carolina State Fair.

5 thoughts on “Crunching numbers

  1. Excuse me for saying so, but YOU’RE NUTS! I, of course, mean that in a good, complimentary crochetcentric way. The Cookie That Ate Stahlhut- that’s the movie you’re in!

  2. I don’t think you’re nuts at all… you’re just determined and that’s a good thing. I’m kinda hungry after looking at those cookies. Maybe tomorrow I’ll bake something. Who knows, maybe I’ll win the lottery too! LOL

  3. No cookies here: just freshly baked bread and a batch of Peach Jam with Cinnamon, Vanilla and Cardamon!!!
    Everything cookie related is being directed into Pure Crochet Mojo and sent in your direction!

  4. I can’t wait to see the finished product!
    I also wish I had your energy, creativity and drive.
    You’re amazing!
    Your crochet quilts are absolutely beautiful!

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