Modest progress

I hit a bit of a crochet wall the last couple of days, unable to make even modest progress.

The school year is about to begin, and with it, the onslaught of “things that must get done now.” There are appointments for eyeglasses and orthodontia, haircuts and school supplies to be gotten, and a back-to-school night to attend.

This week to ten days of upheaval will eventually pass, and we will settle into a new routine that is different than the long lazy days of summer, but right now we are in transition, and like many transitions, it comes with interruptions both expected and completely unanticipated.

I have done my best to work through these changing times, but the last couple of days the changes got the better of me, and all I have to show for myself are 27 new half double dots for Dotghan 1.0:

crochetbug, crochet, crocheted, crochet circles, crochet dots, crochet blanket, crochet applique
I finish almost all of the crochet dots for Dotghan 1.0

two large cookies for Cookieghan 2.0:

crochetbug, crochet cookies, crochet circles, crochet blanket, crochet throw, crochet afghan
Two large cookies for Cookieghan 2.0

and these 10 small cookies (also for Cookieghan 2.0):

ten small crochet cookies
Ten small crochet cookies for Cookieghan 2.0

Here is a look at how they will be assembled when all the cookies are crocheted and the ends are woven in:

crochet cookie motifs
Two crochet cookie motifs to be for Cookieghan 2.0

With any luck, this malaise will lift, and I will soon be back on track with my 2013 North Carolina State Fair projects.

3 thoughts on “Modest progress

  1. Honey you sure like to torture yourself. Cookieghan and circlegahn. Are you nuts doing all those ity bity circles? Not just one but two afghans with ity bity circles? All I can say is WOW and you go girl!!! Betty

  2. A lot on your plate! I am busy all the time and my kids are grown and out the house. I admire you for all you get done!!!!

    1. Thank you, but you will have to trust me, there is a lot of stuff that doesn’t get done. There is a reason I am not writing about my amazingly organized closets, my incredibly clean garage, or my meticulously kept garden. 🙂

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