In which I meet my cookie quota and continue work on Dotghan 1.0

Yesterday I took an inventory of my crochet cookies, and set myself a goal — a cookie quota so to speak –that I would have to meet before I could continue work on Dotghan 1.0.

Having determined that I needed to crochet at least three large cookies, and no fewer than 20 small cookies, I reached my goal shortly after twelve noon:

crochet cookie motifs
Cookies crocheted from August 21 to August 22

This allowed me to move onto Dotghan 1.0, a baby blanket that I am making with the hope that it will generate some of the finishing mojo I will need to complete Cookieghan 2.0.

I started by laying all of the pieces out and deciding on an order to appliqué them:

crochet dots to applique
I prepare to applique crochet dots

Having determined what colors would go where, I then used a bazillion stitch markers to guide me in the placement of the loose crochet dots and then took my Clover bent-tipped yarn needle and secured the dots to the soft white Red Heart Super Saver backdrop:

appliqued crochet dots
I applique the first row of crochet dots

With the first row completed (I only had to remove, re-situate, and re-appliqué one dot), I was ready to move forward and crochet the additional rows of the soft white back drop needed for the next row of dots:

crochet blanket with crochet dots
Ten more rows of crochet

and tomorrow (after I have finished with my errands and crocheted the requisite cookies), I will once again return to Dotghan 1.0 with the hope of generating the mojo necessary to move forward with Cookieghan 2.0.

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