Clearing the table

After the first pot of coffee was made, this was the sight that greeted me:

a table to be decluttered

I had spent most of the weekend working on the one-round granny squares that I need to fill in gaps on the already made panels of my 2016 North Carolina State Fair project, and I had made good progress as can be seen here:

one round granny squares
The one-round squares with the ends woven in and ready for joining

and here:

one round granny squares
A view from the side

But having all of those pieces done (while I wait on a pink yarn to arrive that I hope will be less gray than Red Heart Super Saver light raspberry and not quite as bright as Red Heart Super Saver perfect pink) means that I will need a place to assemble them, and as I learned during the summer of 2014, you can’t always count on clear skies, so I spent most of my crochet time today clearing off my work table.

Following Hellen Buttegieg’s edict to put “like with like,” I made my way up and down the stairs what seemed like a thousand times putting yarn and books back from where I had originally gotten them, and while there were moments I was discourage and thought I would never get it done, I eventually hit table top where I came across these forgotten pieces of what was an as-yet-to-be-finished crochet jellyfish:

crochet jellyfish pieces
The pieces of a crochet jellyfish-to-be

Determined to get something completed, I set about finishing the jellyfish, and after an hour or so, I did just that:

crochet jellyfish
A completed crochet jellyfish ready for adventure

Then using the finishing mojo that had been generated by the now ta-done jellyfish, I got my table cleared to the point that it could be used for assembling pieces:

decluttered table

And just in case I find myself veering off course, I have these crochet goats to keep me in line:

six crochet goats
Six crochet goats at the ready