Clearing the table

After the first pot of coffee was made, this was the sight that greeted me:

a table to be decluttered

I had spent most of the weekend working on the one-round granny squares that I need to fill in gaps on the already made panels of my 2016 North Carolina State Fair project, and I had made good progress as can be seen here:

one round granny squares
The one-round squares with the ends woven in and ready for joining

and here:

one round granny squares
A view from the side

But having all of those pieces done (while I wait on a pink yarn to arrive that I hope will be less gray than Red Heart Super Saver light raspberry and not quite as bright as Red Heart Super Saver perfect pink) means that I will need a place to assemble them, and as I learned during the summer of 2014, you can’t always count on clear skies, so I spent most of my crochet time today clearing off my work table.

Following Hellen Buttegieg’s edict to put “like with like,” I made my way up and down the stairs what seemed like a thousand times putting yarn and books back from where I had originally gotten them, and while there were moments I was discourage and thought I would never get it done, I eventually hit table top where I came across these forgotten pieces of what was an as-yet-to-be-finished crochet jellyfish:

crochet jellyfish pieces
The pieces of a crochet jellyfish-to-be

Determined to get something completed, I set about finishing the jellyfish, and after an hour or so, I did just that:

crochet jellyfish
A completed crochet jellyfish ready for adventure

Then using the finishing mojo that had been generated by the now ta-done jellyfish, I got my table cleared to the point that it could be used for assembling pieces:

decluttered table

And just in case I find myself veering off course, I have these crochet goats to keep me in line:

six crochet goats
Six crochet goats at the ready

4 thoughts on “Clearing the table

  1. I understand the clutter & I applaud you on having the discipline to clear it. You are better at organizing yourself than I will ever be. I can’t wait to see your completed State Fair project.

    1. Ughh exactly what you said, I’m a messy crafter and as my husband asked me the other day…. Can you just choose 5 projects and go from there? Umm holy cow, is he trying to kill me? Seriously I couldn’t pick 85 without a nervous breakdown. I love to learn about new creative ideas, techniques, crafts etc, yes, I have every tool, every kit known to exist but they are mine! If the fancy strikes at 3am to sew a tote then hand appliqué or embroider or color on it, then I walk in my craft room and get the crap out. Everyone jokes that my dining room and craft room looks like micheals, Joann fabrics and AC Moore had a baby, then threw up Home Depot! But if they need something they always come here first! Yes, I do have a lot of stuff but it’s all for certain things, can’t crochet with scrapbook paper last I saw… He’s right though, I do too many different crafts/art… Crochet ( yarn hoarding) takes up 55% of the room and that’s in those space bags…. Lmfao but when an 8.00 skein is on clearance for .50 cents it’s very hard for me to say no. Retail therapy perhaps? I just know I need it, I want it and I’ll use it…. Eventually… Fabric… Yes, lots and lots. Given to me, vintage fabric from the 60’s and 70’s still on the bolts and it was stored properly so its pristine. Only 30 of them. Lmfao doesn’t include the loose yards I have. Beads out my… Umm you get it… Every single scrapbook paper known to man…. Mixed media art supplies in spades… Yeah this is sounding bad. But yeah, I totally get this post haha

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