Squares, squares, and more squares

Among the many tasks I have yet to complete for my 2016 North Carolina State Fair project is crocheting somewhere in the neighborhood of 300 one-round granny squares, and while I was closing in on the number I would need, I had put off making the last several dozen squares so that I would have a portable component of the project to bring with me while I navigated this week’s errands.

Yesterday, I had my last major (planned) errand of the week, and while I made good progress on the squares that remained to be crocheted, the waiting I had anticipated did not materialize, so this morning, when I found myself with a few minutes to myself before the day began in earnest, I was enjoying a cup of coffee and was reading over comments in my Facebook feed and saw that a friend had offered me her crochet mojo.

Wanting to be respectful of the fact that she was willing to share with me, I stopped perusing Facebook, got out my hook and yarn, and started to work on the several dozen squares that remained.

I continued to work on the sqaures throughout the day, taking a brief break to finish the fifth and sixth rounds of my second effort of Leonie Morgan’s folk flower hexagon:

crochet flower hexagon
Folk flower crochet hexagon

but I then went back to the squares, crocheting one after another, and shortly before sunset, I had them almost all done.

Here is an overview of my efforts over the past two days:

one-round granny squares
Lots of one-round granny squares

and here is a detail:

Detail of crochet granny squares
Detail of crochet granny squares

I still have to weave in the ends, decide where I will place the squares, join them, and then weave in more ends, but the pieces (now that they are made) are beginning to fall into place, and maybe I will get this done despite my doubts.

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  1. I have built that crochet hook fence so you can see the little granny square leaping over the fence another after another after another after another……

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