When seasons collide

This week end-of-summer errands have converged with beginning-of-fall errands to make for a week that has been replete with things to do that are not crochet.

There are appointments to be met, clothes to be bought, closets to be cleared, laundry to be washed, trash to be put out, recycling to be gathered, hair to be cut, a dog to be walked, and, when time permits, food to be eaten.

So the past couple of days I have not crocheted anywhere near as much as I would like, and certainly nowhere near as much as I will need to if I am going to get my 2016 North Carolina State Fair project done by noon on October 10, but in far-flung moments, I did manage small bits of progress.

Yesterday while I found myself waiting (thankfully near vending machines that dispensed both diet soda and Swedish Fish), I pulled out my 5.0 mm crochet hook and made more of the one-round granny squares I need for my project.

Fifteen one-round granny squares later:

An assortment of one-round crochet granny squares
More one-round granny squares

the appointment was over, and I was onto the next thing.

When I finally did get home in the late afternoon, I managed to crochet a couple of more pieces for the crazy quilt center panel of my state fair project before I had to put it away for the day.

Then early this afternoon (after finishing another load of laundry), I was headed out the door when to my delight, I found an envelope I had been waiting for on my front porch.

Here is a photo of the delightful drawing that festooned the package:

drawing of a ball of yarn and a crochet hook
The awesome drawing on an envelope that arrived today

Unable to take the time to properly open it and delve into the crochet goodness contained within, I continued on my errands and got home in time to layout most of the crochet crazy quilt pieces I have made to get a sense of my progress:

crazy quilt crochet pieces for a crochet blanket
Getting a sense of my crochet crazy quilt pieces

I am hoping that after I get through this week, I am able to devote at least three full days of the next week to making progress on my state fair piece. Until then, I will work to make forward progress, one stitch at a time.